Unlocking the Power of SFMC Apps: Resources to help you get started

Recently the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers Group (SFMCDG) has run a couple of events that have focused on SFMC.

To watch the first session visit, making a SFMC app - in this event hear from Jason Hanshaw, Eliot Harper, Matt Cameron, Cameron Robert, Mounir Nejjai, Pato Sapir and Jonathan van Driessen as they share their SFMC App building tips.

During the first session we decided that there was more content that needed to be shared. As a result Mounir Nejjai ran an additional SFMC App development session that addressed the go live hurdles and other important considerations.

Finally, we will have a SFMC event to help with answering any remaining questions with Pato Sapir and Tony Zupancic which you can RSVP to here.

All your SFMC App dev questions answered | Trailblazer Community
Virtual Event - In this session, get all your SFMC App dev questions answered with Pato Sapir, Anthony Zupancic and friends.

Whilst we have been running these events we have asked the SFMC community a couple of questions.

We are putting together a list of takeaways and tips from all these presentations. As soon as this is done the post will be updated. Reachout if you would like to help consolidate the Q&A generated from the presentation audio into an easy to read format.