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Awesome Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Awesome Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A collection of helpful resources for working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Table of Contents

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Group

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers Group - Whether you're currently a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer or would like to be one, this group is for you. Learn techniques, best practices, tips and suggestions for leveraging Marketing Cloud APIs and AMPscript in campaigns and marketing automation workflows. You will learn how to best utilise all of Salesforce Marketing Cloud technologies from a developers perspective.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer LinkedIn Group - shares from the community of interest to Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers.
  • @sfmcdg - follow us on twitter for Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer shares and updates.

Presentations from past SFMCDG meetups

Transferable skills for getting started with SFMC Workshops

Marketing Cloud Minutes

SFMC deep dives

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Other Awesome Marketing Cloud Lists

Learning Marketing Cloud

Tools for working with Marketing Cloud

  • Accenture SFMC DevTools - SFMC dev tool to fast-track your developer and devops engineer time by allowing them to programmatically copy-paste / deploy changes and work offline.
  • BLDR - BLDR is a CLI tool that allows users to pull assets from SFMC to their local machine, add them to any GIT provider for version control, and push them back into SFMC all from the command line.
  • MCSnippets - A cool little Heroku app for testing AmpScript and SSJS. MC Snippets allows Salesforce Marketing Cloud trailblazers to test, experiment and share AMPScript and Server Side Javascript snippets without having to login to a Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, create emails or data extensions!
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Tools (Google Chrome Extension) - Google Chrome Extension that makes life easier for Salesforce Marketing Cloud users
  • SFMC Postman - collection of Salesforce Marketing Cloud APIs in Postman

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