Can you help share, learn and give back a #MarketingCloudRecipe

The purpose of the share, learn and give back a #MarketingCloudRecipe is to help support people in the community find resources to learn from.

A question that has been asked a number of times in the transferable skills for getting started with Marketing Cloud sessions, is how do I do that? What then tends to happen is that we have some Q&A and then move on. The Marketing Cloud Recipes is about helping to surface those discussions.

As a result, we will be kicking off a series of Marketing Cloud recipe posts to feature on the website.

On each post we will be sharing a curated list of awesome content on a recipe topic that people can engage with.

Can you help? share a comment with a recipe topic that you would like to help share with others, or what you would like to learn.

Then as a next step, we will organise posts on the blog for each topic where people can comment and learn from.

All posts can be co-authored so that everyone that makes a significant contribution is recognised.